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Wizz Ground was founded by Kobe Gudea, a Bachelors Degree graduate from Alvernia University, Pennsylvania, USA, (2006). Coming from a family of businessman Kobe was raised serving clients from a young age. Learning how to please customers, he could not resist and founded a Pizzeria restaurant in America, whilst still in University. The restaurant is still operating today under a new owner (one of his ex-employees).


On returning to the UK in 2014, Kobe founded Wizz Ground and based it on the same customer services principles that are so important to him. Kobe was the sole owner/driver with just one truck in March 2014. As demand was high for quality service he quickly saw the opportunity to expand and applied for an operators license for 10 vehicles. In 2015, due to the hard work and the quality service our customers had come to expect from us, Wizz Ground was now operating at a capacity of 8 trucks.


Fast forward to 2016 and the company ran 9-10 vehicles and had to move to a new location, Huntingdon,

where an extensive yard allowed for a further increase in truck numbers to 17.





Our future plans include expanding our business into warehousing and redistribution of mainly groupage loads, as requested by one of our main business partners.


Kobe is involved in the managing of the company, but if needed he still drives, especially on new contracts to assess the job and the customer needs. You might see him deliver to your place anytime.


You can have complete confidence that Wizz Ground will offer you a complete package. From relatively simple driving jobs to much more complex logistical solutions, we aim to deliver the best outcome at the best price.

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